By Suzanne Le Mignot

CHICAGO (CBS) — While no records are in jeopardy, the temperatures outside on Tuesday will feel a lot warmer than recent weeks.

With highs in some locations expected to reach the 90s, with high humidity, Chicago will experience one of the warmer days of the year so far.

There is a chance of some rain overnight, but generally, the rest of the week is expected to be warm and rain-free.

The key now is to keep cool and stay hydrated.

At Bridgeport Husky Hog BBQ, the chefs are really feeling the heat.

“Right now, our kitchen is 88, but we’ll definitely get into 102, 103 today easy and also with the food truck we register that around 118,” said Husky Hog’s Joe Woodel.

“You just got to take breaks, got to let the guys take a minute to relax. Switch people out. Rotate them in and out. If it gets super hot then we going to sit in the walk in, that is probably the coolest area to be.”

Customers at H & K Laundry have a fan to keep cool while washing and drying clothes.

How does the office attendant do to cope with the warm weather?

“You wear less clothes, drink a lot of water, Gatorade,” said Norma Martinez, who was wearing a tank top and Capri pants. “I put a cold wash cloth on my neck.”