(CBS) — The head of the Chicago Public Schools says he can’t understand how Governor Bruce Rauner could oppose the plan Illinois Senate Democrats passed that would help shore up the system’s teacher pension funds.

Governor Rauner applauds the part of the Democrats’ proposal that would freeze local property taxes for two years but he balked at the state picking up some $200 million in Chicago teacher pension costs saying the city shouldn’t get special deals.

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Chicago Public Schools CEO Forrest Claypool tells WBBM that is not what they city is asking for.

“Frankly, actually what we are asking for is to be treated the same as the rest of the state because Chicago is the only school district in the state of Illinois that has to take money out of the classroom, more than a billion dollars in the last two years alone, to fund teacher pensions,” Claypool said. “Every other school district in the state of Illinois, the state of Illinois pays their teacher pension funds.”

Claypool is asking teachers to help shoulder the burden with increased pension contributions but the Chicago Teachers Union says no deal.

Rauner is tying help with state money for teachers pensions to cps’ support for strict limits on teachers union bargaining rights.

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“Just negotiate with the teachers union and say as part of our collective bargaining process we want you to pay your pension. And teachers union says no we’re not,” Rauner said.

Currently, CPS does not support limiting those bargaining rights.

The heels-in-the-ground stance leaves CPS’ fiscal future in peril

Next week’s bad news budget is expected to include: 1000 layoffs, program cuts, 350 positions eliminated and a property tax hike.

But if Rauner doesn’t come to the rescue and give CPS a hoped for $500 million boost, Claypool says things will only get worse.

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“Everything is about a specific compromise and a deal,” he said.