CHICAGO (CBS) — Alderman David Moore says a group of prostitutes didn’t believe that he was a public official and attacked him this weekend when he tried to break up their activity in his South Side ward, reports WBBM’s Nancy Harty.

Moore says he had identified himself as the 17th Ward alderman to what he believes was a group of prostitutes near 75th and Peoria early Sunday morning and one of them punched him in the arm.

“I was very surprised because when I have confronted even drug dealers on my block or other blocks in the community, I try to talk to them first and no one has ever attacked,” Moore said. “I have been threatened, but no one has ever attacked me.”

Moore says they also pounded on his car, threatened to pepper spray him and swore at him.

Chicago police arrested 22-year-old Cordale Profit, who faces felony charges of unlawful vehicular invasion and aggravated battery.

Profit was issued a $10,000 I-Bond in a court appearance Wednesday afternoon.