(CBS) Far from the breaking news category, we’ll file this one into the “opinion expected to trickle out at some point” category.

The current Bears have thrown some shade the way of last year’s coaching staff that was almost entirely fired after a disastrous 5-11 season, but most of it has been in a roundabout way. Matt Forte was more direct Wednesday.

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In an interview on the Rich Eisen Show, Forte said former coach Marc Trestman didn’t hold former Bears receiver Brandon Marshall accountable in 2014.

Marshall created no shortage of drama, from a postgame tantrum after a loss to the Dolphins to a bizarre press conference addressing mental health awareness to challenging a Lions fan to a fight via Twitter. He also spent his off-day most weeks flying to New York City to an analyst for a studio show.

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“A lot of other people had an issue with that,” Forte said of Marshall’s jet-setting, saying he didn’t himself. “They thought his mind wasn’t on football first. And when people start to question that, you have to answer that question. If a coach didn’t like that, he best bet would be to come out and say that and be able to express that to him, and at that point I don’t think it was really expressed to him. I guess to not do that or to continue to do that, it’s a tough call on that one, but I don’t think coach Trestman really held him accountable either on that aspect. We had a lot of accountability issues going on last year.”

Forte also took issue with Marshall’s recent comments in which he said he was the only person in the organization with the “huevos” to hold quarterback Jay Cutler accountable.

“I hear a lot of animosity and bad feelings coming from that relationship there,” Forte said.

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“When stuff doesn’t work out, sometimes feelings come out like that … I don’t see how he could say that because sometimes Brandon couldn’t hold himself accountable. It’s tough to even say that.”