By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) -– A local Kickstarter project is setting records in the world of crowdfunding.

The creators of the BauBax Travel Jacket have raised nearly $4.8 million so far, making it the most successful clothing-related project ever on Kickstarter, according to the project’s management team.

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It also ranks No. 11 all time on the Kickstarter funding list, with about three weeks left in the fund-raising phase of the project. The Pebble Time smartwatch claims the No. 1 spot, raising $20.3 million.

What makes the jacket a hit?

Its unique design includes a built-in, detachable neck pillow, eye mask and gloves, for starters.

It also has an insulated pocket to hold a beverage, and the zipper doubles as a pen and stylus.

There are other pockets designed for tech—including the obvious spots for earbuds and a phone, but also a compartment for a tablet.

Baubax Jacket

The early bird discounts are gone.

However, new supporters can pick up the cotton sweatshirt for $119.

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The water-repellent windbreaker and fleece-lined bomber jacket styles are available for $129.

The fourth style, a wrinkle-free blazer, costs $149.

Co-founder Hiral Saghavi currently resides in Chicago, while he pursues an MBA from Northwestern University.

His wife, Yoganshi Shah, an ergonomic design expert, is the project’s design officer.

Their commuter marriage led to the inspiration behind the jacket.

The couple were living in San Francisco when they got married in 2013, before Saghavi decided to relocate to Chicago to pursue his MBA.

After several ORD-SFO fights, the team came up with a design to solve all those travel-related problems, mostly centered around keeping stuff organized and trying to get comfortable on a long flight.

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The project creators also see regular commuters using the jackets, as well as keeping campers comfortable while keeping their gadgets close by.