CHICAGO (CBS) — Colorful stunt pilots blew white smoke as they buzzed Chicago’s beachfront and wowed the crowds on the second and final day of the Chicago Air &Water Show.

Team Aerodynamics flew out the Gary Jet Center in “kit planes” that they built themselves. Pilot Lynn Leggett says they tweak their own planes the way they want them and the planes “talk to them,” letting them know if something is wrong as the pilots know every little sound the plane is supposed to make.

It takes about five years to build the planes.

The Golden Knights and Navy Leap Frog parachute teams did not take part in Sunday’s show after a collision on Saturday left one parachutist dead and another injured.

As many schools in the area get started in the next few weeks, hundreds of families came out to enjoy the free show, reports WBBM’s Mariam Sobh.

Tom Maki and his wife Sue say they make the trek every year and usually come out on their bikes.

“My dad was a pilot, he loved to fly so we got to see the planes,” Maki said.

Jonathan Delaney was out with his friends hanging out on Fullerton Beach for the entire show.

“We just come out here every year with the kids,” Delaney said. “The kids get to play in the water and you get to watch a good show.”

With the heat baking the sand and temperatures climbing into the 90s, announcers kept reminding folks to drink water and seek shade to prevent heat related illnesses.

There were also cooling buses near some of the exits, and some people chose the option of jumping in the lake to cool off.