(CBS) — Because of an increase in the number of young people committing suicide in Crystal Lake, a new texting service has been launched for kids who need help.

The Text a Tip program was put together by a non-profit called LEAD, which stands for Linking Efforts Against Drugs, and is already being used in several North Shore schools.

Denise Barr at District 47 in McHenry County says teens who are having problems, or know someone else that is struggling can send a text and be hooked up with a licensed counselor.

All schools in the county are being encouraged to get students to put the number in their contact list.

Barr says the idea is to make it as easy as possible for kids to ask for help.

“You just never know when you might see the need to use it so this way you’re not feeling conscious about accepting the help but rather just having everybody put in in there just in case,” Barr said.

Those who text don’t have to give their names and Barr says that may encourage young people to use it.