(CBS) — Governor Bruce Rauner is pushing what he says is a new compromise designed to freeze property taxes, fund the schools and help resolve the state budget crisis, reports WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore.

Governor Rauner says his latest plan would freeze property taxes statewide for two years. It doesn’t include term limits or voter redistricting but he says it does help Chicago Public Schools.

“We are willing right immediately now to have the state start to pay the normal pension cost and healthcare cost for their teachers going forward just as the state does for every other school district,” Rauner said. “We’re not asking the city, Chicago Public Schools to reduce the special block grant that they get that is over $600 million.”

But the legislation still would allow local governments to limit collective bargaining and force Chicago teachers to pay more for their pension benefits.

Downstate Democratic State Representative Frank Mautino saw little new here.

“We’ve actually voted on most of the items that are contained in the new bill and most of them have been pretty soundly defeated by both Democrat and Republican members of the House,” Mautino said.

Gov. Rauner bristled at House Speaker Michael Madigan calling those proposals extreme.

“Here is a simple fact, our reforms have been done by other states,” Rauner said. “Many, many other states and the federal government.”

He is asking Madigan to call the new legislation for a vote.