(CBS) — A spat between neighbors in west suburban Glen Ellyn is getting a lot of attention, reports WBBM’s Nancy Harty.

Cars are driving slowly down Longfellow Avenue as drivers take in and take pictures of the bright orange, yellow and purple stripes that now adorn one side of a home.

Neighbors say the paint job went up a couple of weeks ago, right after the next-door neighbor complained about the number of dogs living in the home and the owners’ failure to pick up after them.

Police ticketed 55-year-old Julie Dombroski for violating the village’s limit of three dogs.

Neighbors say the paint job has brought a lot of attention to the otherwise very tidy block.

“It just feels like a finger in the air,” said Marybeth, who lives on the next block. “We can’t imagine it would be anything but.”

The homeowner is apparently letting the paint do the talking because he declined to comment to WBBM.

The DuPage County Health Department gave the owners until August 31 to clean up feces on the property.

There are no laws on the books regulating paint colors for single family homes meaning these colors could be here to stay.