CHICAGO (CBS) — Legislation sponsored by U.S. Rep. Bob Dold (R-Ill.) could help more welfare recipients get jobs, and off welfare.

Dold visited the Youth Conservation Corps in Waukegan on Monday, to talk about legislation that could help such programs train young people who receive funds through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program.

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“A lot of these young people, as you saw today, are going to be the ones that – if given an opportunity, if given a chance – will be able to impress, and be able to keep that job,” Dold said.

Sierra Reilly, 17, said she was overwhelmed by family problems, and in trouble with the law, when her parole officer told her about YCC.

“I’ve only been here for four months, and I have exactly four certifications,” she said. “I have maintenance tech, front desk representative, restaurant server, and I have my CPR certification.”

Tamera Deshawn Wallace, 20, said she’s learning construction skills through YCC’s “Youth Build” program.

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“I feel like it’s not easy being a single parent, and not having an education. It will really just take a toll on trying to get a job. So I just feel like Youth Build is great, because you can learn job opportunities and get your education at the same time,” she said.

Dold said bipartisan legislation he has sponsored would commit $100 million in federal funding to states to subsidize the wages of TANF recipients like Wallace and Reilly, through programs like YCC.

“As we look at, kind of, that temporary assistance; part of that temporary assistance, one of the fastest ways we can get them off of TANF is to get them into a job,” he said.

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Dold said the legislation would save money on the end, by getting people off welfare faster.