CHICAGO (CBS) — A Cook County commissioner has asked the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office for a Latino designation when identifying the race of those who die in the county.

Commissioner Richard Boykin (D-1st) said he was shocked to learn the medical examiner’s office identifies Latinos as black or white.

“People see things as black and white, I guess; as opposed to seeing things, and seeing people for who they are, and honoring their rich legacy and history. I was outraged that Latinos didn’t have a designation,” he said.

Patrick Sabaitis, who operates the non-profit mentoring program Reclaim Our Kids, noted there are 2.5 million Latinos living in Cook County.

“For the medical examiner to just go ahead and just take a blind eye, and don’t consider Latinos as important, is wrong,” he said.

Boykin said there must be accuracy in data, and dignity in death.