(CBS) — For eight years, the burned remains of a teenaged girl found in a garage in Gary were identified only as the “Lake County Jane Doe.” Now, a sibling has solved the case for police, reports Mike Krauser.

Erika Antoinette Hill was 15 years old when she died. Her body was taken from Madison, Wisconsin to Chicago and burned and then taken to Gary where it was left.

It was allegedly her step mother, now 50-year-old Taylin Hill, who killed the girl and then had her siblings help dispose of the body with a warning they’d be next if they ever told.

They were also allegedly told if anyone asked, Erika went back to her family. She had been adopted.
One sibling contacted Gary police saying she knew the identity of the Jane Doe because she helped move the body.

When the body was found, the coroner said there were 170 injuries and scars from child abuse. The sibling said her mother regularly beat the girl.

Taylin Hill is now charged with first degree reckless homicide and child abuse.