CHICAGO (CBS) — On the North Shore, opponents are gearing up for a fight against what they call a “big box” school campus.

The proposal before the school board of District 112 would consolidate all of the middle schools in Highland Park and Highwood and put them on one mega-campus at West Ridge park on the southwestern edge of Highland Park.

One of the critics, Dr. Loren Schechter, says opponents have educational, financial and logistical objections to the mega-campus concept and oppose the site itself.

“Traffic is already a nightmare there,” Schechter said. “We’ve had two traffic studies which demonstrate that traffic is going to be even worse.”

Schechter says the plan would force 95 percent of the nearly 2,000 fifth-through-eighth graders to ride buses to school and would rob the community of important green space.

Superintendent Michael Bregy defends the plan as the best option and says the district is working to address concerns.

Meanwhile, hundreds have signed a petition against it.