CHICAGO (CBS) — For the second year in a row, Lake County has received a donation of thousands of doses of a drug designed to save the lives of people overdosing on heroin.

The Evzio devices provide voice instructions for how to administer a dose of naloxone to someone who has overdosed.

Lake County Health Department substance abuse program director Susan McKnight said more than half the 6,000 doses donated to the county will be given to local police departments, so officers have naloxone when they need it.

In the last year, police in Lake County have administered naloxone 33 times to save lives.

“Just to know that it’s out there, and we can hopefully reach many more people in the county this coming year, training many more groups, that would be just a real blessing,” McKnight said.

The naloxone also is distributed to groups that work with heroin addicts, and addicts in treatment themselves.

McKnight said she warns addicts naloxone brings on immediate and severe withdrawal symptoms.

“When I train people, I tell them that. Don’t think this is your get out of jail free card; because, one, you might be gone too far for it to help. Two, from what I’ve heard, you don’t want to go through this experience,” she said.

McKnight sadi it’s incredible Virginia-based Kaléo Pharma donated the naloxone at no cost to taxpayers.