CHICAGO (CBS) — Police in north suburban Evanston are taking special steps to try to reduce gun violence.

Evanston Police Cmdr. Jospeh Dugan said detectives believe the Sept. 15 murder of 45-year-old Cesario Cox on the 1900 block of Emerson Street was in retaliation for the murder Aug. 31 of 23-year-old Donte Blackwell on the 1800 block of Dodge. Several other shootings have occurred in the same general vicinity in recent weeks.

Dugan said gun violence occurs in Evanston in spurts, and usually on the suburb’s west side. He said two officers each day are assigned specifically to take guns off the streets.

Officers assigned to the Neighborhood Enforcement and Tactical teams have working on tips, monitoring social media, and paying special attention to those previously arrested for gun crimes or involved in ongoing conflicts — both gang-related and otherwise.

The department’s Problem-Solving Team hopes to actively engage neighborhood residents by visiting homes, apartments, businesses, schools, parks houses of worship and other locations at which they can make contact with those concerned about the violence.

Evanstonians can expect to see more patrols on foot, on bicycles, and in squad cars; and Dugan said police will be looking for tips. In addition to the suburb’s west side, Dugan said extra patrols will be deployed in Evanston’s southeast corner, on and near the Howard Street ‘L’ terminal.