(CBS) – A Chicago man and Chicago State University athlete is following developments in Roseburg, Oregon.

That’s because Jordan Madrid-Andrews was a student at Umpqua Community College last year.

Jordan Madrid-Andrews (Twitter)

Jordan Madrid-Andrews (Twitter)

His first thoughts after he heard the news about the mass shooting: “Are my former teammates and friends — are they OK?”

Madrid-Andrews, a forward on Chicago State University’s basketball team, on Thursday said he reached most of them and believes they are all right.

The community of Roseburg, he says, is quiet.  The town has several big boosters of the college teams.

The shooting, he said, is “definitely not something I would expect from that community.”

Madrid-Andrews is 20 years old.  He has grown up in an era of mass shootings, beginning with Columbine in 1999.

“Me being from Denver and being from Colorado, I’ve already seen it.  Like the theater shooting (in Aurora, Colo.) back in 2012.  Now I feel like it just happens,” he says.