(CBS) — Call it a seasonal situation: People across the area are noticing pests swarming into their homes.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross reports on what those pests are and why they are showing up now.

The bugs in Batavia are no match for the granddaughter-grandfather team headed by Jim Newberry of Fox Valley Environmental.

The two flush out crawling critters, including the Asian beetle, the box elder bug and the brown marmarated stink bug. Each insect is a nuisance for different reasons; some damage homes, including that of Tim Stewart.

During the time when we reach for our fall jackets to keep warm, these bugs also look for heat located inside your home.

The good news: Experts don’t anticipate more bugs this year compared to last year.

The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum adds bugs like the Asian beetle naturally seek out vertical cliff faces, simulated by home siding.

While Newberry uses a special long-lasting pesticide to battle the bugs, home remedies can work at least short term. An example: soap and water will kill box elder bugs and stink bugs.

He anticipates keeping busy through the winter.

The bugs aren’t complete nuisances. The Asian beetle eats other pests like aphids, so they do provide a benefit for the ecosystem.