There are many individuals who participate in the early morning Black Friday frenzy and for many reasons. For those who shop on Friday, Nov. 27, they will certainly walk away with a good deal. Alternatively, shoppers can sleep in on Friday, avoid the mayhem, and purchase the same products at roughly the same great prices, (or better in some cases) from the comfort of their computer. That is why, every year, more and more people are turning their seasonal shopping needs to Cyber Monday, falling on Nov. 30 this year. If that is your plan, here is your guide to the sites to be sure you hit up on Cyber Monday for some of the best trends and deals to make sure your holiday season is a success, and an affordable success at that.

What’s New This Year

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One of the hottest tech item to come out this year is the high-tech watch. In addition to Apple’s Watch, there are android watches from Samsung, Motorola, Sony, LG, Tag Heuer (expected to launch later this year), and others. These ‘wearables’ are both stylish and functional. There are several sites on the web that have done a great job of reviewing each of these watches. In summary: the Sony has a built-in GPS, the LG is perhaps the most classically attractive and the Motorola watch looks the most like a watch and can be easily customized. Tag Heuer is calling their soon-to-be-released watch the first luxury android watch in the market. Like any other tech purchase, it is important for consumers to do their homework.

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Sales Trends

A strong indicator of the sales trends are the best-selling products offered on and over the past six months. The top-selling products currently on these sites are (in no particular order): physical books; electronics less than $50; toys; cell phones; designer handbags; laptops; large screen TVs; and PlayStation 4. Indications suggest that these product categories will remain the top-sellers through the holiday season.

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It’s important to note that tech-savvy millennials (born between 1978 and 1995) are already an enormous purchasing force. It is estimated that in 2017, the millennials will climb to the top and have the most spending power in our society. Mobile apps are a significant purchasing methodology used by this group. Sales trends for the foreseeable future will be dictated by the millennials, and accordingly, tech products and electronics are expected to continue to be top-sellers in 2015 and over the next several years.

Hot Deals

The travel industry does a nice job of offering incredible deals during the holidays — from all-inclusive resorts to cruises. For those who want to escape the cold winter, shoppers can find great deals in Cancun, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.  Each of these destinations offers accommodations and all-inclusive options to fit most budgets.  It does not take long to search the web for aggressive deals at any of these locations. The number of ships cruising at the end of 2015 is substantial, and great deals are to be found.

In terms of tech products and electronics, the manufacturers and retailers have an over-supply of computer tablets this year.  Accordingly, it is expected that very aggressive promotions and pricing on these tablets will take place on Cyber Monday.

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