Many different clothing styles and hairstyles from yesteryear have made a comeback at one time or another.  Similarly, vinyl records are now coming back in style.  All the reasons vinyl records went out of style in the late 80s/early 90s are still true today… they are large, they cannot be listened to on the go, they are still sensitive to handle… i.e.:  they’re easy to scratch and damage, and they’re slightly more expensive than digital music. 

However, vinyl records provide the consumers a couple of things that they cannot experience with digital music: 

  • With a vinyl record, individuals can actually hold music in their hands. 
  • Perhaps even more important, some people believe that a vinyl record actually sounds better than digital format music.  Vinyl records have been described as sounding closer to a real concert than a music download or a CD.
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Apparently, the appeal of vinyl records is growing among the younger generation.  According to Nielsen reports, vinyl record sales have increased over 50% during the last couple of years.  The selection of music on vinyl has never been better.  Consumers can easily find today’s new artists as well as the classics.  The Beatles, Stones, Aerosmith, and other great artists/bands from that period were intended to be listened to on vinyl.

The ambassador of vinyl records is Record Store Day. The organization was created 8 years ago by independent record stores.  Their goal is to champion the culture of vinyl records and the role the independent record stores play in their respective communities.

Record Store Day participating stores are brick-and-mortar retailers that are local and independent.  According to the Record Store Day website, there are over 1,400 participating Record Store Day retailers throughout the U.S.  The city of Chicago boasts over 35 small independent Record Store Day retailers.

Here are the top 5 independent Record Day retailers in Chicago:

Dusty Groove
1120 N. Ashland Ave.

Dusty Groove offers a large selection of vinyl records and CD’S, they advertise that 100’s of new titles are added daily. They also buy vinyl records and CD’s, they welcome sellers to stop in the store. Dusty Groove will be selling limited edition releases on Black Friday.

Dave’s Records
2604 N. Clark St.

Dave’s Records is a vinyl only record store and they offer thousands of new, imported, domestic and new and used titles in all speeds and sizes. Dave’s Records will feature limited edition releases on Black Friday, it is recommended to come in the store as soon as opening.

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Reckless Records
1532 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Reckless Records has three record stores in Chicago, they carry an abundant amount of vinyl records, new and used CD’s and DVDs games. They buy at all three locations up to an hour before closing. On Black Friday, Reckless Records will offer limited edition vinyl releases for sale.

Permanent Records
1914 W. Chicago Ave.

Permanent Records stocks DVDs, LPs and CDs, it is a smaller but very organized record store with an excellent selection. Black Friday deals will include limited edition releases.

Gramaphone Records
2843 N. Clark St.

Gramaphone Records offers vinyl, dance CDs and DJ accessories. The selection is large and the atmosphere is vibrant and fun. Gramaphone Records will offer limited edition releases on Black Friday.

The Record Store Day Black Friday event will feature limited edition releases (primarily on vinyl) that will be available only on Black Friday and only while supplies last.  Details of the Record Store Day Black Friday event can be found on their website  Shoppers are strongly encouraged to visit their local Record Store Day participating store before Black Friday to find out what artists that particular store will be featuring on Black Friday.

Vinyl records have made a strong resurgence and Record Store Day has played a major key role in the rise in popularity of vinyl.  Shoppers can visit the Record Store Day website to find a local independent retailer near them.  Consumers at a record store may find themselves spending hours looking through albums that they haven’t seen or heard in years, maybe decades.  Good hunting!


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