Going camping doesn’t mean that you have to “rough it.” The tech gadgets highlighted here will allow individuals to camp in style; some people would define the items as ‘wants’ while others may describe the items as absolute ‘needs.’ Regardless of where they fall for you, these are tech gadgets that will allow campers to camp in style and comfort without breaking the bank. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but instead these are the top five camping items to have to camp in style.

Inflatable Furniture

The first gadget that will allow campers to camp in style is inflatable furniture.  Although inflatable furniture is not considered a tech piece, it is incredibly important as it is an item that is necessary to have so all the tech gadgets can be used comfortably.  Comfort does not always lie in sitting on the ground or on a big rock or on a log.  Inflatable furniture is very compact and can fit almost anywhere.  Campers can literally pack a large inflatable sofa and several inflatable chairs in a re-used shopping bag; it is also very important to remember the inflatable bed.  Campers can go to Amazon.com and find hundreds of inflatable furniture options for under $100.

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Portable Espresso Coffee Maker

The Minipresso by Wacaco is a great little gadget for under $100. They have a great video on their website at Wacaco.  It’s ultra-light, very small and affordable. It’s perfect for the camper who can’t live without Espresso in the morning.

Portable Speaker

For the music lover, the portable speaker for a smartphone, iPOD or MP3 player is also a must. There are portable speakers for every budget. For camping, campers will want to get a speaker that is more rugged.  For example, the NudeAudio Pocket-Sized Super-M Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker has been getting great reviews. bring it along with you to any remote location, it is both waterproof and sand-proof. Campers can find The NudeAudio Super M model online for around $100.

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Camping does not mean that one cannot enjoy a good movie on a large screen. The first thing campers will need is a small generator.  Most campers likely already own one. The next thing campers will need is a large white sheet for a screen and next, campers will need to acquire a projector that can be connected to a laptop. For best quality, the projector should be 1080P with a minimum of 2,000 lumens.  A fairly good model can be purchased for less than $1,000.00 on-line.  The best part is that it can used at home as well.

Spark SP1 Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags tend be bulky and take up a lot of room in a vehicle. However, the Spark SP1 sleeping bag can be condensed to about the size of a pint. It is made from goose down and very warm, however, it is best not used in freezing conditions — it is a perfect sleeping bag for three seasons and very easy to carry and store. It can purchased on Amazon for around $400.

Some traditional campers may look at the list and debate that these items are not meant for true camping.  However, there are others out there who will look at this list and would be thrilled to pack some of these items on their next camping trip. They can still ‘rough it,’ but do it with a little more style and comfort.

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