(CBS) — The CTA has some good news for riders — but it’s coupled to a big if.

“I don’t think there’s going to be any surprises in my budget,” CTA President Dorval Carter said Wednesday. “I’m not contemplating any fare increases or service cuts for the next year.”

In doing so, CTA will be running against the grain. Pace last month announced plans to raise cash fares in 2016 by 25 cents when paid with cash, with an increase of 15 cents for those who pay a reduced fare. Metra will announce its plans Thursday, but has had a policy for several years of “incremental” yearly increases.

The “if” is a big one, however.

“All of that is somewhat contingent on what happens in Springfield,” he said.

And that is why questions persist. Carter said he is basing the 2016 CTA budget on the Regional Transportation Authority’s assumption that state subsidies will remain flat. The RTA used the numbers in the Democratic state budget proposal that Gov. Bruce Rauner has rejected.

Carter said Wednesday that what would happen if state subsidies decrease would depend on when the reduction is announced, and how much it is.

Carter expects to unveil the CTA’s 2016 budget later this month.