By Matt Spiegel–

(CBS) There’s no Bears game this weekend, but we’ll all still find things to watch. There are snacks to eat and couches to sit on, damnit.

Here are some totals for games of consequence that we’ll be keeping an eye on. Join us.

Blue Jays wins: 15

The parallels to the 1985 ALCS are insane. Seriously, check this out. Every game so far has played out in the inverse of how it did 30 years ago. So, if the trend were to continue, that means the Blue Jays take two in Kansas City to win a chance to face the Mets.

So, will the Blue Jays do what the Royals did to them long ago and win two on the road to get to the World Series?

Goff: over
Spiegel: under

Devonta Freeman yards from scrimmage: 120.5

Is Falcons running back Devonta Freeman going to continue his amazing run against the Titans?

Since Week 3, here are his yards from scrimmage each game: 193, 149, 197, 156. Those are amazing numbers for a back that doesn’t seem special on the surface.

Goff: over
Spiegel: over

Tom Brady stats against Jets: 245.5 yard/2.5 touchdowns

From our guy Paul Charchian: In the four meetings over the past two years against the Jets, Brady’s average game against his rival is just 214 yards and 1.25 touchdowns.

But this year they look so explosive. It can’t be that bad, can it?

Goff: under
Spiegel: over

Colts offensive yardage against Saints: 390.5

The Colts offense is just 19th in the NFL in yards per game with 347. We all thought this was going to be a top-three offense, and they were even Goff’s Super BOwl pick. The Colts have shown signs of improvement, first two weeks ago without Andrew Luck and then last Sunday night in playing the Patriots well. Indy hasn’t turned the ball over in its past two games.

Meanwhile, the Saints defense has allowed 409 yards per game. That’s dead last in the NFL.

Do the Colts roll on offense?

Goff: over
Spiegel: over

Eagles points against the Panthers: 23.5

Oh, my Eagles. They’re so inconsistent and weird. Here are their point totals this season: 24, 10, 24, 20, 39 and 27. The Eagles are actually the 10th-highest scoring team in the NFL, though it doesn’t feel like it.

In the Panthers on Sunday night in prime time, they face a top-10 defense. Carolina is allowing 18.8 points per game.

How intriguing will it be this week?

Goff: under
Spiegel: over

Play along with us.