By Brad Edwards

(CBS) — Haunted houses and horror stories are big bucks this Halloween, but what about when it might just be real?

CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports from southwest suburban Frankfort.

Some 105 years ago, the now-empty house was a brothel. A little girl was the house cleaner. The story goes a man came here and thought the little girl was a prostitute, killed her in a terrible way and then wrapped her body in carpet and dumped her near the train tracks.

Sadie was her name.

Dan Butler, the father of four girls, lives next door. He says one of his daughters had a chilling experience.

“She was looking in the mirror of her dresser and then she noticed there was a hand print, a small hand print, like a little kid’s hand print” on the outside of the window, Butler says.

Now vacant after the owner lost it, the house is on the market.

Local John O’Donnell is not interested.

“Me, personally, no thank you,” he says.

Brad Edwards