(CBS) — Trustees in west suburban Carol Stream are calling on state lawmakers to vote to release state money that villages and cities all over Illinois have coming to them.

“We want our money. They owe us that money. It’s our money,” says Carol Stream Mayor Frank Saverino.
Saverino says his village is owed about a million dollars the state is just supposed to collect for and distribute to Carol Stream and other municipalities, in particular motor fuel tax money, video gaming shares and 9-1-1 revenue.

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The state is holding back that money because Governor Bruce Rauner and the state legislature have not been able to come to an agreement on a new budget. The new budget was supposed to be in place by July 1.

Mayor Saverino says he’s, “disgusted and aggravated about it.” He adds that it’s, “absolutely crazy what they’re doing” in Springfield.

Last night, Carol Stream trustees voted to support House Bill 4305 which would free up money municipalities have coming to them.

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Mayor Saverino says Governor Rauner and legislative leaders Mike Madigan and John Cullerton need to get together and compromise. If they don’t, “There’s going to be towns that are going to run out of money and won’t be able to plow the snow. There’ll be social service departments that’ll be gone.”

Mayor Saverino says Carol Stream is not looking for a handout, just what it’s owed.

“They offered to (lend) us our own money back at low interest. Have you ever heard of anything in all your years of doing reporting, like that?” Saverino asks.

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He says Carol Stream lives within its means, has no local property tax and doesn’t owe any money.