By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — A box of Frangos is a seasonal gift staple in Chicago this time of year.

And we here at CBS Chicago want to make sure you are getting the most mints for your money.

So, we are bringing back the CBS Frango Mint PriceTrak™ feature.

And right now, a gift-wrapped, one-pound box of chocolates are trending near their 12-month low, selling for $11.99–slashed from regular retail $24 price tag–at Macy’s flagship State Street store.

Our analysis has found the price for the coveted chocolate cubes can dip below $10–but that’s typically a post-Christmas deal.

We consider this a very good early-bird discount.

Last year, during the post-Thanksgiving holiday rush, the boxes were selling for $14.99.

In 2013, prices were so volatile that boxes on one end of the State Street store were selling for $14.99, and $11.99 at the other side. (Customers were only charged $11.99, regardless.)

Frango Mints were first created in 1927 for Frederick & Nelson department store of Seattle. In 1929, Marshall Field’s bought out Frederick & Nelson, ordering the chocolatiers to come to Chicago and introduce the Frango to the Marshall Field’s stores in an effort to improve slumping sales during the Great Depression, according to the Got Chocolate blog.

From 1929 to 1999, Frangos were handmade on the 13th floor of the main Marshall Field’s on State Street before manufacturing was outsourced to a Pennsylvania candy maker.

In July 2009, Macy’s announced that Chicago’s Cupid Candies would begin production of Frangos.