(CBS) — Caitlyn Jenner was the keynote speaker at a fundraiser Thursday for Chicago House, which helps people with HIV and members of the transgender community.

The grand ballroom of the Chicago Hilton was filled as Jenner told stories of her transition.

Among them: how she felt when the news was about to break that she was having an Adam’s apple reduction.

“I started thinking, like so many people do in this community — because the suicide rate is way too high — I said oh, the easy thing to do right now — I’ve got a gun in the other room. Go in. Boom. No more pain,” Jenner said.

Then she decided she had a purpose in life.

“To tell my story. To help other people. Because this is bigger than anything. The Olympics? It’s a game. We play the game. We win or lose. This story is about life.

“Maybe in God’s eyes, that’s why he put me on this Earth,” Jenner said.

Out in front of the hotel were a handful of trans-women, protesting Jenner, saying she is not representative of the trans community.