(CBS) – Fellow officers heard the fatal gunshot that killed Fox Lake Police Lt. Charles “G.I. Joe” Gliniewicz as they responded to his call for backup more than two months ago.

That is among the details contained in the police report filed in the wake of Gliniewicz’s mysterious death on Sept. 1 – a death we now know was suicide. CBS 2 obtained the report after filing a Freedom of Information request.

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“I’m going to be out at the old concrete plant checking on two male whites, male black,” the lieutenant told a dispatcher, according to recorded archives.

She responded: “10-4, did you need a second unit?”

“Yeah, go ahead and start someone,” he said calmly.

The backup arrived. Gliniewicz presumably heard they were there.

At that point, according to the police report, the responding officer “heard a single gunshot” and unholstered his weapon.

Where was G.I. Joe?

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The responding officer observed Gliniewicz lying face down, “not moving in the tall grass,” and yelled, “Officer down.”

Another officer ran over to their fallen comrade and turned his body over and “observed blood coming from Lt. Gliniewicz’s nose and blood on his neck just above his collar.”

He was “not conscious or breathing,” the report said.

Gliniewicz’s hand was empty in a position that would lead to believe he was possibly holding a gun. But there was no gun. One officer appeared to be in a disturbed state.

A curious detail emerges from the report: The responding officer turned off his dashboard camera “in order to preserve the memory card” before arriving at the scene.

Village Administrator Ann Marrin said she doesn’t know why the officer would have done that.

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“I’m seeing the report at the same time you are,” Ann Marrin told CBS 2.