CHICAGO (CBS) — Elmhurst police want to find a man and stop him from trying to lure children into his car–before he strikes again.

As CBS 2’s Marissa Bailey reports, it has happened to three different children in the last three weeks.

The incidents all took place on unassuming, quiet residential streets.

The first happened on Oct. 18, the next on Halloween and then just this past Friday.

(Credit: Elmhurst police)

(Credit: Elmhurst police)

Investigators say the motive in all three incidents is relatively the same.

The man drives up asks the boys if they want candy. In the latest incident, the man asked the child if he wanted to help find his dog.

The victims are all males under the age of 12, and each boy got away safely.

They all gave police almost identical descriptions of the suspect– a male Hispanic, 30 to 40 years of age, medium build with some type of facial hair–either a mustache or a goatee.

Investigators say the suspect may be driving an older white truck or SUV.

Elmhurst police have increased patrols in the areas where the incidents took place.

They’re also passing out pictures of the suspect to public works employees.

It sounds like common sense but police say it’s a good time to remind your kids about “stranger danger.”

Investigators are encouraging people to call 911 immediately if they see a person or car matching the description.