As we all know, Black Friday is the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping season.  Here you will find the five best gifts for ‘him’ that are sure to impress. It’s not always easy to shop for men, but this list includes gifts that will certainly be appreciated. You are sure to find one or more gifts that will be perfect for that special guy. 

Bosch Combo Cordless Four (4) Tool Kit

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The tool kit offers two high capacity Lithium-Ion batteries and is a great gift for the professional, as well as the weekend warrior. The combo kit includes hammer drill/driver, a reciprocating saw, a 6.5-inch circular saw and a flashlight. The Bosch lithium batteries work much longer than traditional batteries. These are professional grade tools that have the power and quality that will get him to smile and nod in approval as he tears open the wrapping on Christmas morning.


These watches are on the Christmas wish list of many guys this year. A Smartwatch looks like a watch with a touchscreen display. The objective of a Smartwatch is to keep the wearer constantly updated/connected without having to reach for the iPhone or Android device. Smartwatches are effectively a wearable computer and phone on the wrist.  There are literally dozens of choices to select from — Apple makes a very good Smartwatch as does Samsung, Motorola, LG and others. They all have slightly different looks, features and price points. There are a number of websites that have done a great job of comparing the features and functionality of the more popular brands.

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Most guys like their car to be clean on the outside and inside. Unfortunately, most don’t have the time or the location to wash their cars. One of the best gifts a man can receive is an unlimited car wash membership at the local car wash. Most car wash operators offer monthly unlimited washes at a variety of price points. Stop by the local car wash for their specific unlimited car wash program. This is a gift that every guy will appreciate… and the added bonus is that he will think of the gift giver every time he gets his car washed throughout the year.

Wine Club

This type of club is perfect for the man who is a wine-lover. Wine clubs will send a different selection of wine every month, most of which an individual might not otherwise purchase. For the most part, people who are part of a wine club are pleased with the variety and quality of the wines. The options are simple: how many bottles per month, and what type of wine does the wine drinker prefer?  Some of the most popular wine clubs are:  Wine Insiders, Virgin Wines, WSJ Wines and Tasting Room. 

Large(r) Screen TV

When in doubt, what guy doesn’t want to upgrade to a large(r) screen TV?  Regardless of what the man has now, bigger is always better for a guy’s TV.  TVs are getting larger, sharper and cheaper. There are so many brands and options for large screen TVs and locations where they can be purchased. Regardless of where the TV is purchased, it is strongly suggested to buy from a place that delivers.  Most people don’t have a vehicle to take these TVs home. 

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