(CBS) — It’s become the latest victim of the budget stalemate. The Illinois secretary of state’s office says it will not be conducting its annual holiday handicapped placard sting because the money isn’t there.

“There are two reasons we can’t do it this year. One is manpower and our contract and the other is the overtime it takes to crack down on illegal parkers this holiday season,” says Dave Druker, a spokesman for the Illinois Secretary of State. “Jesse White usually has a press conference to announce the sting, and the media usually expects it, and gives it good coverage to let people know they shouldn’t be using handicapped placards if you’re a healthy person.”

Drucker says the budget impasse is also affecting the state’s motor vehicle facilities. Many of the facilities’ landlords haven’t been paid since June.

“We’re getting calls from several facilities saying threats of closing the places are occurring or lack of utilities, lack of water or electricity in the facilities. The bills aren’t being paid,” he said.

Drucker says every year the sting is very successful. In 2013, more than 90 tickets were handed out. Drucker is asking drivers to report any illegal parking. Fines remain at $250.