CHICAGO (CBS) — The firing of Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy hasn’t caused the protests over police misconduct to go away, reports WBBM’s Political Editor Craig Dellimore.

Within minutes of the news conference where Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the ouster of McCarthy, demonstrators gathered outside the mayor’s office chanting that Laquan McDonald’s blood was on his hands.

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McDonald was the teenager killed by 16 shots fired by Police Officer Jason Van Dyke last year. Rev. Curtiss DeYoung of the Community Renewal Society says firing McCarthy doesn’t address accountability.

“The mayor appoints every part of the accountability system from the independent review board to the police board even to the inspector general, these are all appointed by him so there’s no way to hold him accountable,” Rev. DeYoung said.

The group of ministers wants an independent oversight authority not named by the mayor.

WBBM’s Bob Roberts reports about 100 protesters marked the departure of Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy Tuesday night by dancing outside the doors to the department’s Bronzeville headquarters.

In a stark contrast to the phalanx of officers on bicycles or on foot in what amounted to walls of humanity, only a handful of officers in regular dress stood between protesters and the glass entrance doors of the headquarters building, at 3510 S. Michigan Av., which continued for more than an hour.

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The officers stood back as the mostly youthful speakers took credit for applying the pressure, after which those same organizers joined dance lines and danced to gangsta rap.

Organizers of the rally said some of those who were present, and had organized in recent days, were as young as middle school. The youthful exuberance was evident throughout, along with a cocksure attitude.

“Make no mistake. It is because of the demands of the young, black organizations that are represented behind me that McCarthy got fired,” said Veronica Morris-Moore. Co-organizer Aislinn Sol was equally blunt.

“We’ve been wanted McCarthy fired,” she said. “We’ve been wanting Rahm to be fired. We’ve been wanted (State’s Attorney) Anita Alvarez to be fired.”

Removal of Emanuel or Alvarez could be accomplished one of two ways – through resignation or defeat at the polls. Morris-Moore, in particular, said she didn’t need to be called out as “window dressing” by the Rev. Jesse Jackson and older black leaders, saying it is the turnoff her and other young activists to lead.

“We just want to send notice to all the bad police officers that we’re coming for you and we’re going to hold you accountable,” said William Calloway, executive director of Christianaire. “We’re taking our city back.”

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They also claimed credit for the pressure that resulted last week in McCarthy firing Officer Dante Servin in the shooting death of Rekia Boyd, and they said the pressure would continue.