By Dan Bernstein– senior columnist

(CBS) His previous coaches here may not have cared or may not have been paying attention, but you can bet that John Fox does and is.

Bears tight end Martellus Bennett isn’t long for Chicago if he continues to make noise about his role in the offense, as reported by the Chicago Tribune. Bennett’s under contract for another year, but so was receiver Brandon Marshall when general manager Ryan Pace thought it best to find a way to remove him from the team in early March. Bennett has 50 catches this season but just five combined in the last two games he played in.

Bennett’s comments Wednesday were typically inscrutable, but they echoed those from earlier this season when he complained by saying he wouldn’t be the guy who complains, because of how such players are viewed.

He was correct in that assessment, if Fox’s response was any indication. Fox is having none of it, according to the Tribune, and Bennett’s combination of lackadaisical practice habits and airing of grievances might be enough for Fox to ask Pace to start looking for less disruptive alternatives.

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