(CBS) — Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition marched down State Street Sunday afternoon to protest what they say was a cover up of the Laquan McDonald shooting.

At the height of the protest there were about 400 people marching.

They chanted things like “16 shots and a cover up”, referencing the number of times Laquan McDonald was shot.

Rahm was also the target of protesters who kept chanting “Rahm Resign.”

Audrey Davis, a retired school teacher, was out protesting and held a sign that read “Rahm is morally corrupt.”

“I have a grandson who is in college and I’m terrified for him to come to this city,” Davis said.

Dozens of police officers on bikes kept the crowd moving and away from oncoming traffic.

It was a peaceful protest with shoppers stopping to take pictures of them as they passed by.

The protest ended with a rally outside the Thompson center, where the number of protesters significantly dwindled.