By Tim Baffoe–

(CBS) Unless you’re one of the delusional Chicago Bears fans out there — and apologies if I just repeated myself — you know we’ve entered the “playing out the string” emotional desert of hometown football.

The final four games of the season will be tough to get up for when you know their tangible effects are a mere shuffling of mediocre spots in the next draft.

“Hey, some guys these next few weeks are playing for a job next year,” some will say. Cool, whatever.

“Jay Cutler has to prove he can be the QB in-” another will say. Yes, yes, good for you. If you can lie to yourself to justify watching, more power to you.

I can’t. But I’m going to watch these Bears games because they’re football, and I’m too intellectually lazy or socially inept to do anything better (or I can pretend I’m neither of those things and have to watch as “homework”).

This next game is a bit of an exception, though. I’ve found a something to stir my soul for Sunday.

Look at this assclown:

How could anyone want anything good to come into that man’s life? A person like that deserves constant pain. Toddlers should be punching him in the groin at all times.

And that’s before even considering that Daniel Snyder’s the guy who owns the Washington NFL team.

Snyder is compacted garbage held together by hair gel and that jacket and a scarf indoors and whatever else is in the trash bag full of your absentee dad’s stuff being donated to Goodwill.

This past Monday night featured Washington against the Dallas Cowboys. Normally, this is a lose-lose matchup for non-sociopathic viewers, but I was able to extract joy in the hilarious way Washington gave away the game, even if it meant rooting for the lesser of two evils and essentially Jerry Jones.

The schadenfreude invigorated me ever so briefly and made what’s become a habit of putrid primetime NFL football actually watchable (for fewer than two minutes). Rooting against Snyder’s positive feelings nourishes those of us with a soul he lacks, but it’s more than just about him looking like the first target everyone would go after if The Purge was a real thing.

I’ve compiled a list of why rooting against Snyder’s team should be the motivation you need this coming Sunday to watch (and perhaps even be less than apathetic) toward the Bears game.

But at least they’re the butt of other team’s clever jokes.

Let’s hope the not winning on the field part lasts another week for Washington and that Daniel Snyder can be sad. And at the least, we can pretend to care about the Bears one game longer.

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