(CBS) – You can’t help but go outside and enjoy the mild temperatures. Mail carriers are especially happy since Monday was their busiest delivery day.

CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole reports.

Valerie Dickson is rolling right along, delivering the mail.

“Weather-wise, it’s not a bad day,” she says.

With temperatures in the 50s it’s one of the warmest December most can remember.

As she loads up her cart and wheels past lingering fall leaves, she is thankful.

“I have a scarf on but I don’t need to be wrapped up — that’s what makes it a great day,” she says.

Valerie was still moving fast the last time CBS 2 tagged along. It was almost 12 months ago with wind chills at 20 below.

She was gingerly maneuvering through snow an ice. Monday it was just about puddle-jumping.