(CBS) — A southwest suburban police officer is recovering after being hit by a suspect who was trying to get away.

CBS 2’s Sandra Torres reports.

It all began around midnight. Officers tried to arrest suspects of a retail theft at a Crestwood Walmart. As the suspects tried to get away, they injured one of the officers.

Freelance photographer T.J. Walsh was there Wednesday night when he noticed several squad cars trying to stop a vehicle.

He says officers told the driver to get out. But instead the driver tried getting away with a child on board.

“The car backed up and hit the squad car, and then when it was driving off it hit the cart corral and that’s when one of the officers got knocked over and got injured from that,” Walsh says.

The driver of the white Impala got away. But minutes later, officers found the vehicle a driveway on West 150th in Midlothian.

Home owner Dan Shutay says the car was damaged. Moments later, police showed up and ordered him to the ground.

Shutay says officers realized he wasn’t a suspect. He says he saw them place a woman and a child into the squad cars.

Crestwood police have not commented.