(CBS) The time, place, league and circumstance matters not to Fernando Rodney.

So long as he’s on a patch of dirt and grass that resembles something along the shape of a diamond, he’s going to be so, so intense.

We were reminded of this Sunday, when Rodney was ejected in the ninth inning from a Dominican Republic winter league championship series game by home plate Pat Hoberg. This came after Rodney had thrown a scoreless bottom of the eighth inning for Escogido. Rodney was ejected while on the bench, according to a tweet by the Dallas Morning News’ Gerry Fraley, but other than that details are scarce.

Escogido would go on to lose 7-6 against Licey.

Rodney threw 12 innings for the Cubs in 2015, going 2-0 with a 0.75 ERA. He recently signed with the San Diego Padres.

We assume Rodney was arguing in some manner, though that’s not confirmed. We can only confirm that near or far, high stakes or low stakes, Rodney’s going be be Rodney.

We can also confirm that Escogido still leads 4-1 in the best-of-nine series. Should the Leones win, we can only hope Rodney will strike up his vintage shoot-an-arrow celebratory pose too.