(CBS) — Former Governor George Ryan tells WBBM he’s pleased that an organization in his hometown of Kankakee is trying to raise money for a life-size statue of him in a city park.

WBBM’s Steve Miller the Woman’s Club of Kankakee is trying to raise $117,000 for three life-size statues to honor the three governors from Kankakee: Len Small, Samuel Shapiro and George Ryan.

Small was accused of corruption in the 1920s. Ryan did prison time.

“I know he did things wrong,” said Dondi Maricle, president of the Woman’s Club. “He paid his time. People forget the good stuff that Ryan did.”

On the club’s Facebook page, one person writes: “Is this for real?”

Ryan tells WBBM he’s delighted with the project.

“I’m pleased with it. I’m very happy that they’re doing it,” Ryan said.

We ask Ryan if he understands it could be controversial. Ryan answered with silence, then, “What else you want to talk about?”

The club hopes to have the statues up in a park by August.