(CBS) — Father Michael Pfleger says a Chicago Police officer issued parking tickets to his parishioners during services at Saint Sabina this weekend.

Pfleger says the church’s main parking lot is blocked off by the city due to street construction and some who legally parked on Throop Street between 78th and 79th received tickets.

“I’ve come to find out since that the same officer, the same star number who gave them out yesterday gave them out today and I want to see the officer,” Pfleger told WBBM. “I want to get behind why he decided to target St. Sabina Church.”

On Facebook, Pfleger asked those who got tickets to bring them to him.

In response, Chicago Police News Affairs said, “We can confirm that two tickets were written today in that area around 12:30 p.m. One ticket was for parking in a crosswalk and the other was for parking in a no park zone.”