(CBS) — A suburban store owner is in trouble accused of selling kits to help people cheat on their drug tests.

An undercover officer discovered a synthetic urine kit at a store in Crestwood, complete with a warmer to make it more realistic. The kits are used to defraud drug tests.

Police arrested the store owner Taher Yousef, 56, Monday. They say he sold one of the kits to the undercover officer. He now faces felony charges.

Taher Yousef (Credit: Cook County sheriff's office)

Taher Yousef (Credit: Cook County sheriff’s office)

The Cook County Sheriff’s Police were on the case after a number of tip calls, including parent

“The child did say they were using marijuana and they did take a drug test and they passed the drug test,” said Cook County Sheriff’s Police Deputy Chief Michael Anton. “They inquired, ‘how could you pass it?’ and this individual said he purchased it. Where did you purchase it? At this location.”

The deputy chief went as far as to send out a sample of said product off to the lab to see if it’d pass. He said it does work.