CHICAGO (CBS) — The Chicago City Council will debate whether to add tampons to the list of items not subject to local sales tax, reports WBBM’s Nancy Harty.

Some call it a sexist and a tax on women.

14th Ward Alderman Ed Burke introduced a proposed ordinance Wednesday that would add tampons and pads to the list of certain foods and drugs not subject to the city’s sales tax.

He says in 1989, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled the feminine products were “medical appliances” and therefore exempt from state sales tax.

Burke says he hopes other taxing bodies in Illinois follow suit and limit the tax to the current one percent by the state.

“Women don’t have a choice,” Burke said. “They are going to have to buy these products come hell or high water.”

Right now, such products are subject to a combined 10.25 percent sales tax, with a 1.25 percent city tax, 6.25 percent state tax, 1.75 percent county tax and one percent going to the Regional Transportation Authority.

Lauren Weaver says she, “wasn’t even aware it was taxed and now that I know it’s frustrating.”

Eliminating the city tax would save about 7.5 cents for a $6 box of tampons.

“Of course I’d love for tampons to not be taxed because I’m a user of tampons, but right now we just can’t take that kind of hit but we just can’t take the hit,” said Alexandra Eidenberg, founder of the group Mom + Baby.

Eideberg fought for the elimination of diaper tax. She says the small savings on a tampon tax isn’t worth it.

“We don’t have a budget where we have room to pull back on taxes on anything,” said Eideberg.

California, New York and Ohio are considering similar proposals.