CHICAGO (CBS) — A new study has found some college students’ health suffers by the constant pressure they feel to respond quickly to text messages, email, and instant messages.

Northern Illinois University psychology professor Larissa Barber called the phenomenon “telepressure,” and she said it’s leading to greater stress and less reduced sleep quality among college students.

“They’re stopping what they’re currently doing, and so they’re trying to respond immediately, instead of when it’s supposed to be convenient,” she said.

Barber said the question is whether the students are putting the pressure on themselves.

“These are all perceptions at this point, and so we don’t really know if people really do have these expectations of them, or if this is something that is really self-imposed,” she said.

The professor said things like text messages and emails are supposed to be a convenience, and dealt with on the students’ schedules, not someone else’s.