CHICAGO (CBS) — A cold but determined group of child care and home care workers staged a Valentine’s Day weekend protest Saturday outside of a Bank of America branch in the South Side Chatham neighborhood.

The group of 10 protesters brought a post-sized Valentine addressed to the head of Bank of America’s Illinois operations, Paul Lampert, asking him to renegotiate some of the financial deals the bank negotiated with the city and state, deals the protesters call “toxic.”

When bank employees saw Brenda McMillon and the other protesters coming, they locked the doors. McMillon said she was disappointed but not surprised and merely wants the bank, Gov. Bruce Rauner and Mayor Rahm Emanuel to “do the right thing.”

The protesters say renegotiation and higher taxes on the wealthy would help thousands of Illinois parents afford child care. They huddled, chanted and handed out flyers for half an hour…then said they’d be back.