CHICAGO (CBS) — The son of a Roselle pizzeria owner who was killed on Wednesday said the family might not reopen the restaurant.

Gus Acuna opened Acuna Pizza in July 2010.

On Wednesday, he was at work when a van crashed into the restaurant, killing him.

His 20-year-old son, Juan, said his father came to the U.S. from Mexico three decades ago.

“Came here basically with nothing; he was able to come up with this small business, raise a family,” he said.

His father worked seven days a week, put in long days, and never took a vacation.

“He always gave me advice. Take care of myself. You know, don’t drink, don’t do drugs; and then he’d always tell me to work hard, and then that if I work hard I’ll get what I want in the end,” he said.

After his father’s death, Juan Acuna said his family is not optimistic about reopening the pizza restaurant that was Gus Acuna’s dream.

“It’s looking like we’re probably not going to rebuild. There’s a lot of damage to the appliances, to the walls, and stuff. There’s walls coming off,” Juan said.

He said the family isn’t sure it would be affordable to make the repairs needed to reopen.

Customers have been leaving flowers at the strip mall where the pizzeria is located, and writing kind words on Facebook.

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