(CBS) One of the subtle charming images of the Warriors’ onslaught over the past two seasons that has been marked by an NBA title in 2014-’15 and a record 53-5 start this season comes in the reaction of coach Steve Kerr when star Steph Curry hits another unthinkable shot.

Time and again over the past two years, Kerr will just chuckle, shake his head or wave his hand in an “OK, I didn’t draw that up, are you kidding me?” manner. It’s Kerr’s way of conveying that what Curry is doing is unparalleled and can’t be taught in any way.

It was just on Saturday in a thrilling 121-118 overtime win at Oklahoma City that Curry broke his own record with his 287th made 3-pointer of the season — in the team’s 58th game, which is just absurd. He hit one more 3-pointer to bring his total to 288, the last a bomb from 38 feet with less than a second left that won the game and sent the basketball universe into hysteria.

Certainly, the 2013 version of Steve Kerr who served as a color analyst for national telecasts on TNT never thought this was possible. For back then near the start of the 2013-’14 season, Kerr was asked what the NBA is missing. His answer was “post men” and in his response, he uttered a line that can only make one chuckle these days.

“Too many teams just launching threes from everywhere … I think that’s bad for the game,” Kerr said.

Hey, one of the marks of a great coach is building around his team’s strengths. Kerr has certainly done that, even if he never saw it coming.

Watch the full clip below.