(CBS) — Historically, primary day sees low voter turnout but Super Tuesday results could have a huge impact on Illinois’ primary.

“Primary turnout usually hovers around 50 percent which isn’t great but I’m hoping voters will realize how important this and many other races are this year,” says Elizabeth Shermer, assistant professor of U.S. History at Loyola University.

Shermer says she predicts this year, the heated Republican presidential race and so many important local and state races will bring more people out to their polling places.

“The presidential primary isn’t the only thing we help decide,” she says. “There are so many important races on the state and local level. I hope that brings out more voters considering what a mess the state of Illinois is in right now.”

SUPER TUESDAY: Primary Coverage From CBS News

If there are no clear winners after Super Tuesday, Shermer says voters across Illinois could see much more of the presidential candidates, advertising and appearances leading up to March 15.