By Suzanne Le Mignot

(CBS) – A River North woman spent two dollars for two vacant lots in Englewood. Her mission? To change lives and bring the community together.

CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot reports on I Grow Chicago.

Robbin Carroll walks the streets of Englewood, talking to those who call the neighborhood home.

“I have loved Englewood. I looked at doing some things in Hyde Park and around and I just kept gravitating towards Englewood,” she says.

In 2013, Carroll bought a rundown house and then two vacant lots through the city’s Dollar Lot program. She founded I Grow Chicago. At the center of the non-profit organization, is the Peace House. It opened last year.

Among the activities: Gardening. Yoga. Outdoor dinners.

Noah Crane washes his clothes at the Peace House. He not only learned how to rehab the home, he now volunteers here.

“Robin gave us a chance. She had faith in us. Everybody doubted us. She had faith in us,” he says.

Two months ago, 21 year-old Derrick Pouncey was incarcerated. Today, Pouncey holds the first state ID ever issued to him. He also has a second interview lined up to work for a farming company.

I Grow Chicago also provides basic necessities for those in the community, free of charge, through donations.

“We have about 15 families that we’ll bag up food for and deliver it to their door. They don’t have to come and line up. We keep the dignity,” Stephany Price, executive director of I Grow Chicago, says.

“We have an obligation to humanity, society,” Carroll says. “If every house in Lincoln Park adopted one block in Englewood, Englewood would no longer struggle or be poor. We don’t have to do too much, to make a difference.”