(CBS) — More than 500 teachers and coaches from about 50 area high schools got up early on Sunday morning to put on costumes and built bikes for some lucky kids.

More than 100 bikes were built at Rio, a bar at Ashland and Western, and more than 500 bikes in all will be given to children at a Chicago grade school on Monday (the school is being kept secret to surprise the kids.)

The bike builders did this as part of “Buddy’s Helpers” Challenge Day in which they also wore costumes reflective of their high school and performed other “Amazing Race” type challenges throughout the city, such as getting pictures with famous people, going to certain landmarks, to help raise money for other good causes such as senior homes and homes that help disadvantaged kids.

This is all part of the PepsiCo Showdown, which is the largest high school soccer tournament in the U.S with more than 21,000 student athletes participating.