CHICAGO (CBS) — With prom dress shopping season well underway, a local store is doing its part to make sure no two girls show up to the big dance in the same dress.

“We started this not to sell the same dress in the same color to the same event,” said Roy Surdej, owner of Peaches Boutique at the corner of Archer and Central avenues.

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Surdej said the only exception to the store’s policy is if two customers show up together and say they want to have the same dress.

“We get twins sometimes, and stuff like that, or best friends that will do it, but typically that’s not the case; the rare occasion that somebody will request that,” Surdej said.

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Peaches Boutique has between 20,000 to 25,000 dresses in stock, so selection is rarely an issue.

Surdej runs the store with his wife and son. He said customers have been happy with the result, because they don’t have to worry that someone will show up wearing the same thing, unless they shop somewhere else.

“The worst thing that you could do is go to a wedding and see somebody in the same dress you have on, for most women,” he said.

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Peaches Boutique opened in 1984. Surdej said they came up with the idea in the 1990s, when the store had two locations.