By Dan Bernstein– senior columnist

(CBS) An MLB clubhouse is a workplace, and White Sox executive vice president Kenny Williams is doing nothing less than his job to keep it functioning properly.

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In this most recent case, that meant asking veteran Adam LaRoche to end his weird practice of using it for child care by keeping his now 14-year-old son around as a de facto member of the team, all the time. A group of White Sox players made it known to management that they wanted LaRoche to find somewhere else for his kid to be, 670 The Score’s Matt Abbatacola reported, and Williams was the one to deliver the message to LaRoche, asking him to curtail the obvious intrusion.

LaRoche balked, and then he quit baseball. That’s fine, because he had become bad at it.

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In 2013 when he was using the Nationals to babysit his son, LaRoche told the Washington Post, “We’re not big on school. I told my wife, ‘He’s going to learn a lot more useful information in the clubhouse than he will in the classroom, as far as life lessons.'”

That’s both creepy and wrong. It’s time for school, so both the kid and his dad might learn some things.

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